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The Nonbye System: quick, effektive, economical
Track Vehicle - Re-Design car body

Nonbye films open up a lot of possibilities. Nonbye has already proven experience in re-design and in the professional transformation of the interior of rail vehicles. The film can be pastet almost without interruption of the business activity which saves cost.

Track Vehicle  - Re-Design inside

The surface of our anti-graffiti film is satin matte or glossy and protects the surfaces against attacks with gloss paint or something else. This self-adhesive protective film may be can pasted as a thin transparent skin protection on all smooth and flat surfaces. The films can also be combined with a colored base film too. This allows our customers to choose from over 160 standard colors. In the event that no matching color is found - we can create the carrier film with your individual color or design.


The graffiti protection by a specially developed very thin (23 µm) and very stable transparent laminate film on polyester base for the rail sector is now mandatory. This anti-graffiti film is in the surface quality satin matte or glossy and protects the surfaces against attacks with gloss paint or something else. The laminate surface allows you to clean the film quick, easy and environmentally friendly.

Special Solutions / Security Film

One of our particular strengths is the development of customized film solutions. 
Nonbye plans the solution, determines the initial selection of material and accompanied to the finished product, in close consultation with our customers. All our products have the necessary fire and safety certificates for the rail industry.

Glas Film

With our extensive range of film, we can offer you professional and effective solutions for all glass surfaces.
The purpose of flat films are versatile: heat protection, UV protection, privacy prtecion, glare control, isolation or security by the intrusion effect.

Technical Marks / Applications

Even for the standard form coating Nonbye films are a good and useful addition to the paint. In particular, specific elements of the "corporate design" - such as individual colored doors or stripes with your logo - can easily be realized.

Adds on Vehicles

Our films are an adequate solution  for combinations with colorful stripes or smaller surfaces on your vehicle. A very fast and clean solution. For the combination of film with painted surfaces Nonbye has a professional colorfastness-service. Obviously these films are also required with a graffiti protection.

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